The Edge Fibreglass & Silk Kit

The Edge Fibreglass & Silk Kit

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This kit is a great starter or training kit and an excellent introduction into the Silk and Fibreglass system.

An all-time favourite. This tried and tested system will create thin and flexible natural looking nail enhancements which combines fine mesh, specially formulated Resin and instant Activator setting spray, to product a beautiful, strong and durable nail enhancement. Contents: Contents- Resin 28g, Activator Spray 50ml, Fiberglass Strip 46cm, Silk Strip 46cm, Sterilising Spray 60ml, Sterilising Gel 60ml, Acetone 60ml, Stork Scissors, 6” Manicure Sticks, Cuticle Pusher, Nail Fresh 100ml, Tip Blender, Lint Free Pads (50), Spare Nozzles pack of 10, 20 Olympic Assorted Tips, 20 Active Assorted Tips, 20 Ultra Assorted Tips, 20 Big C Assorted Tips, 20 F. White Assorted Tips, Pink Tip Cutters, Duraboard 100/180, Duraboard 240/240, White Block, Jumbo Buffer  


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